Thanks for visiting The Farr Corner web site, committed to the research, discovery and sharing of our Farr Family Heritage. There are several different unrelated Farr families in the United States. This research specifically focuses on the descendants of Jacob Farr (Pharr) who settled in Wilkes (later Warren) County, Georgia, immediately after the American Revolution.

A genealogical work is never finished, never perfect. Corrections, comments and updates are welcome and invited. Anything that I present as “fact” is done so with documentary evidence. Anything that I present as “opinion” or “conclusion” is my own interpretation which is subject to scrutiny and change. I welcome challenges to my opinions and conclusions.

Jacob Farr (~1745~1802) Little is known about Jacob Farr before 1784. Documentary evidence demonstrates that Jacob Farr had at least one son, Jacob Jr. By matching data the Farr project at, it is evident that Jacob Farr also had another son named John, my ancestor. Having researched documents in Warren, Wilkes, Columbia and McDuffie Counties in Georgia, I have concluded that is it likely that Jacob Farr had other children, but I do not have documentary conclusive proof. Among these likely children are an unknown son, a son named Insel, and a daughter named Salace or Salathael.

  • Jacob Farr, Jr. (dates unknown) m. Sally Hays in Warren County, Georgia, September 8, 1802
  • John Farr (1771-1858) m. (1) Polly Brooks in 1787; m. (2) Kizziah Armstrong in Warren County, Georgia, March 5, 1820
  • Unknown Son m. Dorcas (Last Name Unknown, possibly Johnson)
  • Insel Farr (1781-1857) m. (1) Catharine Smith in Warren County, Georgia, October 4, 1808; m. (2) Narcissa McLoud in Alabama about 1836.
  • Salace (Salathael) Farr (1784-1872), she never married